Earn $WALKX just by walking, with WalkSphere

WalkSphere is a Web 3-based lifestyle app with social and game features.

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About WalkSphere

As more and more people step into the world of Web3, now there are extra incentives for you to get into a healthy habit.

Whether you are commuting to work, walking your dog, getting a coffee, or rushing to a meeting, WalkSphere lets you earn while doing all that.

WalkSphere makes it simple for you, you can get a Shoe from our Marketplace, or mint a new one to get a chance at some rarer Shoes.

Start wearing your Shoe, and start earning right away!

NFT Shoes

We will create stunning designs for your Shoes alongside their practical attributes for use. 

Holding Incentives

As a bona fide HODLER, you will be rewarded with BUSD reflections from tax on transactions.


Energy is credited to each player every day, according to the level of the player

Holder's rewards

Be a diamond hand and HODL your $WALKX to gain BUSD rewards in your wallet with each transaction.

NFTs(Non-Fungible Token)

Our digital collections of Shoes allow you to earn $WALKX every time you walk. It’s that simple! Don’t forget to wear them!

Unique features on WalkSphere


Shoes have Stamina Points that you can use to walk or run. Maximum Stamina points vary differently with the rarity of the Shoes.


Unlike conventional shoes, our digital shoes get better the more you walk! The higher the rarity of the shoe, the better they get when actively used.

Level Up

Players can upgrade their earnings level with each daily and weekly challenge completed. Participating in the organized marathons helps you even more!

WalkSphere Gameplay


Challenge your friends to a friendly bout. Put any amount you would like on the table and compete for the prize and bragging rights


Participate in marathons, sprints or other WalkSphere organized activities and earn your badges. Display them on your profile and climb the ranks of WalkSphere runners.


Buy a shoebox from our Marketplace and receive one random Shoe once you have unboxed it.

Walk or Run

Walking or Running requires the correct Shoe. If you plan on commuting, equip your Walker Shoe. The same applies to the Runner Shoe.

Multiple Challenges

We have multiple challenges for you to win exciting prizes. These features will make it easier for you to get into a much healthier habit.

NFT Shoes

We created stunning designs for your Shoes alongside their practical attributes for use. These designs will be unique so when you gain a Legendary Shoe, be proud to flaunt them on social media.

WalkSphere Roadmap

Every journey is important for us



  • Idea
  • Team building
  • Making Move2Earn concept
  • Markup Design
  • Community Building Telegram
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Launching Official Website


  • Google Play Demo app launch
  • Launching WalkSphere on BNB Chain (Pinksale)
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko
  • 1000 Holders
  • Minting NFT,  Airdrop NFT Event


  • Marketing on Global / Influence
  • Alpha Testing App
  • Listing on the Crypto Exchange ( CEX )
  • Collaboration Scouting
  • Anti-Cheat Development
  • Multiple Wallet Support


  • Beta Testing App
  • Official Launch App
  • In-app Marketplace
  • In-app wallet trade function
  • Staking Pool
  • Walk-game Launch


  • Tournament
  • Marketplace Upgrade
  • Audit CERTIK
  • Upgrade Training Mode
  • Booster Community for Event
  • AR Tournament Customization
  • WEAR TO EARN Games

Our Team



Thomas Maguire

Blockchain Developer

Dylan Lee

Blockchain Developer


Community Manager

WalkSphere FAQ

What is WalkSphere?

WalkSphere is a move2earn NFT mobile app, which aims to nudge millions into the Web 3.0 world,  with healthier lifestyles.

Is WalkSphere like a Sneaker NFT project?

In WalkSphere, the NFT Sneaker is a “mining machine”. Users can move and earn KCAL tokens. WalkSphere NFT Sneaker is both a collectable and utility tool.

How does WalkGame 1.0 work?
How does WalkSphere work?

Users walk, jog or run outdoors with an NFT Sneaker to earn KCAL/WALK, which are burned to upgrade or mint new Sneakers. Alternatively, users can choose to trade KCAL/WALK to BNB or BUSD through dex.

Do I have to buy an NFT Sneaker to Move2Earn?Where can I buy NFT Sneakers?

From WalkSphere in-app Marketplace and Mint Website at Launch.